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When Sebastian finally stops falling, he lies with his face in the damp dirt for a few long moments.

"I'd give you a 9," a dry voice interrupts his daze. "Out of 10, I mean, it'd probably have to be a 4 out of 5, because that last bump was frankly pathetic."

"... what," Sebastian manages, levering himself up slowly, and stopping on spotting an overly large frog. He glances sideways, and sees no one else. "Were you speaking just now?" he hazards to it.

The frog croaks, loud. Sebastian feels very embarrassed.

Then it winks.

30 Minutes Later

The frog's name is George, and he doesn't think highly of Princes or Lords, so Sebastian has very carefully explained that he is a shipwrecked (and ... forest-wrecked) merchant.

In exchange for protecting Sebastian from Monsters (apparently quite common in this land), and Dangers Of Many Types, George has persuaded Sebastian to come to his home nearer the mountains and help him build a house worth living in.

Sebastian looks back up the hill he has fallen down, and knows what lies above it is his sister's ghost and an unearthly fog.

He hammers a stick into the ground with a rock, and tries not to think of it as escape while he follows George to the west.

3 Months Later

Sebastian sighs and cleans off his hands, backing up from the house he has built.

"House" is perhaps an over-charitable term, but it's the one he's decided to use. The structure's not large, but it is sturdy. And mostly water-proof, from the strategy of "wait until it's raining, hammer boards over the parts that leak".

He feels like it is likely missing something. Real bedding, or curtains, perhaps - the current ones are cloaks from fleeing Princes (Sebastian has no skill in sewing). They have two neighboring Monsters, a Griffin who never speaks to Sebastian in the west (but never the less lets him draw fresh water from the stream neighboring his pool), and a ferocious Unicorn named Chester to the east.

But, his friend has decided it's enough to begin wooing a Princess with. A specific Princess, not a general one -- hired by one of the dragons in the closest of the mountains to do cooking, or something, Sebastian's not entirely sure how the process works. He's carefully avoided interaction during her conversations with his amphibian companion as she gathers herbs and so forth.

Wiping his hands clean, he bids his friend farewell, and goes back to the hill he came down.


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