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Sebastian knows very little what to make of Milliways – when he was ill, truly ill, it seemed but a fever dream and a more pleasant one than most.

He’s fairly certain, now, that it is neither fever dream nor true purgatory (fairy-place is still up for debate, for there are far too many fairies here to discount the idea entirely). The dead come here, he has been told, and he believes it – perhaps. Those as good as dead, or those that feel they are dead, or those who wish for death -

(He saw his sister in the woods.)

He thought, with the fever gone, he would feel more of this world, that his mind and feet would be firmly on the ground. The problem seems less to do with the fever, and more to do with Viola and her absence.

She wouldn't stand for this, were she in his place. Sitting in a strange tavern, not even in her own world. Without family, and alone on a foreign shore - she would find a way, even as a woman. Viola would find her way on any shore, if she'd but survived to reach it.

He could do worse than imitate the memory of his twin.

(He saw her, in the woods.)

(He ran away.)


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